Alan Alldredge

Alan Alldredge's artworks feature intricate pathways of texture, reflection, and illusion. Inspired by elements such as crystals, foliage, flowing water, and the human form, this captivating series highlights the idea that beauty is intertwined with the sacred. Alldredge refers to his pieces as "cast monoprints," where he treats printing blocks as molds, filling and painting them with exotic materials before fusing them onto various textiles.

"My process relies on past experiences, using mixed mediums that intentionally resist blending. With limited control, I hope for the best as I press each piece."

The flowing lines in his work symbolize a journey into the meditative, while the exotic finishes mirror the natural beauty of his backwoods studio. Though the technique is intricate, Alldredge aims to create transcendent and sacred objects through his art.

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