Vera Cruz Amethyst 7

Vera Cruz Amethyst crystals have amazing luster and clarity. They run from a very light shade of lavender through to the very rare rich deep purple color. They can form with a variety of attributes such as phantoms, single and double terminated points, as well as in cluster form. And on rare occasions, as enhydro – which are crystals with moving water bubbles inside them. Over time, the miners in the Vera Cruz region have learned to really take care of these special crystals through their birthing process, so it is quite possible to get these crystals in undamaged form. Vera Cruz Amethyst is useful in reducing stress, easing headaches, inducing a sense of calm and a deep meditative state and assists in bringing restful sleep. It can help reduce bruising and swelling. Vera Cruz Amethyst can help with hearing disorders and addictions. These Amethysts are also useful in boosting the endocrine system, strengthening the immune system.

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1.00w x 0.50h x 0.50d in
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Vera Cruz Amethyst
Vera Cruz Amethyst