Laurel  Shear

Laurel Shear

Laurel Shear lives and works in the California Bay Area. She is a former athlete, currently an energy medicine practitioner, and a proud mother. Her first New York solo show opened at Fort Gansevoort in March 2018. Shear is a former member of the artist-run gallery Tiger Strikes Asteroid in Los Angeles. Her work has been featured in Artnet, New York Magazine, Brooklyn Magazine, and Luxe Magazine, among others. She also facilitates drawing and painting workshops at O’Hanlon Center for the Arts.

For Shear, painting is a physical and emotional act. Each of her paintings uniquely embodies the energy and time of a private performance. They are layers of abstraction and representation, depiction and embedded emotions, trace and form. Her work reflects her experiences—both bodily and spiritual—with loss and love. Shear begins by photographing her bedspread and roses, simple objects with deep symbolic significance. She then cuts up the photos and reassembles them into collages that inspire her paintings.