Kim Fonder

Indigo Study

"In the 'Indigo Study' you'll find an artwork composed of square segments. This piece measuring 72 by 72 inches is created using a mix of materials, on burlap. The color scheme includes shades of gray, white and earth tones resulting in a subtle yet impactful look. Some textured patterns enhance the experience with a tactile feel.

The layout follows a grid design with block arrangements creating a harmonious yet lively visual flow. The blend of colors and textures gives the artwork an organized feel. Inspired by Sean Scullys style and techniques this piece focuses on texture and color interplay.

To truly appreciate the tranquility and complexity of 'Indigo Study' we invite you to visit our gallery in person or reach out for details, on adding this piece to your art collection.

• mixed media on burlap
80.00w x 80.00h x 1.50d in
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Indigo Study by Kim Fonder
Indigo Study by Kim Fonder
Indigo Study by Kim Fonder