Brooke Major

Brooke Major

American artist born 1979 and native of Atlanta, GA, Brooke Major has been living and working as a professional artist and sharing her time between the USA (Georgia) and France for the past 20 years. As a child, Brooke has always been top of her class in drawing and painting, as well as an avid equestrian, which led her to move to Normandy to breed and raise them for the sport of showjumping.

She moved initially to Paris to study political science at an American university, but felt herself drawn more towards the arts and followed auditing classes at the Beaux Arts school in Paris. Her political science studies led her to work for over a year and a half as an intern at the US Embassy in Paris.

Following her two childhood passions, art and horses, Brooke moved to Normandy and started her dream of breeding showjumpers and set up her art studio in a grain loft in a 18th century farmhouse on the beach where she creates her work and raises her horses.

Brooke sculpts oil paint, using pallet knives challenging both techniques of painting and sculpting and exemplifying light and shadow. She chooses all of her subjects from her childhood experiences: traveling, horses and architecture. Brooke also depicts her everyday life in her recent subject of her landscapes of the typical Normand countryside.

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