Orbits Sculpture

Our Orbits Sculpture offers a simple yet intriguing accent for your home or office.

Crafted from durable Sal Wood, known for its strength and gradual darkening with age, this 9-inch sphere brings a touch of natural geometry to any space. Its design, featuring two intersecting circles, creates an illusion of movement and depth.

Place it on a bookshelf as a unique bookend, use it as a paperweight on your desk, or let it stand alone as a conversation starter. Its compact size and affordable price make it an easy addition to any room needing a dash of artistic flair.

As the wood naturally darkens over time, you'll watch your sculpture evolve, adding character to your decor. It's a small investment in ever-changing art.

Orbits Sculpture in Sal Wood

Affordable art meets nature's geometry.

• wood
9.00w x 9.00h x 9.00d in
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Orbits Sculpture by Accessories
Orbits Sculpture by Accessories
Orbits Sculpture by Accessories