Vol. 08.08.2017 | Kim Fonder, Avery Klein, Caty Smith

August 8, 2017

Image of Vol. 08.08.2017 | Kim Fonder, Avery Klein, Caty Smith


Kim Fonder is thoroughly influenced by texture and touch, reflecting Da Vinci’s quote, “Simplicity is the ultimate
sophistication.” The new paintings play with neutrals, soft whites and, tawny grey washes that pair with her constant
fascination with Japan. Objects such as indigo batiks, as well as found sake brewing bags continue to be a part of
her ethnography and expression.


Inspired by the Aesthetic Movement of the 1800s, Klein’s minimal work and neutral palette pares down the total
graphic elements of her pieces. Seeking to elicit a feeling of calm transcendence through her collection of work on
handmade paper. Klein utilizes form and texture to enhance and display her modern vision. Reminiscent of French
poet, Franck André Jamme’s collection of tantric paintings featured in “Tantra Song” published by Siglio Press in
2011, Klein’s paintings create a transcendent desire for further exploration.


Smith’s assemblages, while natural and representational, are global in perspective. Her collection of mixed media
work is from a recent trip to Iceland which created a paradigm shift, deepening her awareness of nature’s perfect
alignment. Previously shooting for structured assignments with the likes of National Geographic, this body of work is
Smith’s venture into impassioned observation and approach.