Mark Jackson

Mark Jackson is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in Fayetteville, Arkansas. He is fascinated by photography, design, and sculpture. Jackson's photographs are generally focused around places, the human figure and curious objects. They walk a delicate line between the abstract and the real. Jackson concepts, art directs, and photographs all of his work.

Each work Jackson makes is a one-of-one original using his proprietary silver and ink suspension technique - a process that unfolds over weeks of dedicated development through layers of ink, acrylic, leafing and other varied materials, resulting in a painterly form. From the photographs to the building of panels, Jackson makes each piece from start to finish.

Throughout his career, Jackson has worked commercially shooting for global brands and agencies. In 2019, Jackson turned his attention to art. Since then, he has actively showcased his work in national and international fairs along with many exhibitions. He is currently represented by galleries across the United States.