Linda Cosgrove | New Work

Sep 19, 2019 to Nov 02, 2019
Image of Linda Cosgrove | New Work
Image of Linda Cosgrove | New Work
Image of Linda Cosgrove | New Work
Image of Linda Cosgrove | New Work
Image of Linda Cosgrove | New Work

Exhibit Art Gallery presents Linda Cosgrove
3524B S. Peoria Avenue, Tulsa, OK
September 19th through November 2
Opening Thursday, September 19th, 6-8pm

Exhibit is pleased to present an exhibition of new work by artist, Linda Cosgrove. The show opens Thursday, September 19th from 6 until 8 PM at Exhibit, located at 3524B S Peoria Avenue, Tulsa OK 74105.

Raised in a military family, Cosgrove had the opportunity to travel and experience a variety of cultures and individuals. Her father was sure to nurture Cosgrove’s natural curiosity and artistic inclinations. After her university studies, Cosgrove spent time in San Francisco in a very historically monumental time, establishing relationships with people such as Boz Scaggs, Hunter S. Thompson and so many others. She had the opportunity to explore her creative endeavors and developed her own technically adept and magical style.

Her paintings are surrealistic with an Old Master's influence. The paintings are done in oil on copper board and canvas. Hidden within the larger images are small details that convey a dark humor and move the viewer's perspective to reveal an atmosphere and cultural sensibility. Cosgrove’s work reflects a culture of sacredness and the permanence of antiquity in our contemporary world. The technique and style in these paintings focus on these two elements with real life humor, and gives me distance from perceived traditions. Cosgrove enjoys hearing the viewer’s unique interpretations of her work even more than discussing her thoughts involved in the creation of them.

Cosgrove’s art is featured in collections throughout Europe, the Americas and the Caribbean. She has been featured in many prestigious shows, including the New York Armory International Exhibit in which she was featured as one of the exhibition highlights, in the company of renowned artists including Durer, Rembrandt and David Hockney.

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