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Jun 06, 2019 to Jul 12, 2019
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Emily Morgan Brown, Mckenzie Dove and Marina Dunbar exhibition opens 06.06.2019 from 1PM until 4 PM.

TULSA, OK, USA, June 5, 2019 / -- Exhibit Art Gallery presents
Emily Morgan Brown, McKenzie Dove and Marina Dunbar
3524B S. Peoria, Tulsa, OK
June 6th - July 15th, 2018
Opening Thursday, June 6th, 1-4pm

Exhibit Art Gallery is pleased to present a selection of works from artists, Emily Morgan Brown, McKenzie Dove and Marina Dunbar opening June 6th from 1 until 4 PM at Exhibit, located at 3524B S Peoria Avenue, Tulsa OK 74105.

While studying portraiture, Emily Morgan Brown’s vision for botanical tapestries developed from her research on the ancient technique of grisaille painting - a form of grayscale underpainting to reference relief sculptures. After photographing her floral subjects to paint, she found that she had a hard time disposing of them after they had wilted and died. “As I crumbled one into my hand, the idea of making it into a tempera wash just made complete sense. It really felt like the missing piece and tied the materials back to the period in history I had originally referenced with grisaille,” says Brown. She views the large-scale grayscale botanical works are a lesson in history and a record of today allowing the subject to live on forever in its own portrait. Brown, a Birmingham-based artist, is not only featured in galleries and collections nationally, but also the June/July 2019 issue of Garden & Gun magazine.

McKenzie Dove has always painted, but after experimenting with oils and palette knives 12 years ago, she developed her unique style and technique that achieves a thick, layered texture. “I just fell in love with the way the color mixed on the palette and created texture,” she explains, “I wanted to transfer that to the canvas and I got addicted to it.” Heavily inspired by interior design and architecture, Dove paints with the forethought of the space that her piece will occupy in someone’s home or business. “I feel like my pieces are versatile enough to work with any type of design – modern or traditional. I study interiors that I love and think about what I could paint that could be fitting for that space.” Collected and represented nationally, Dove paints and sculpts in her Birmingham, Alabama studio.

Based in Charleston, SC, Marina Dunbar is both experimental and precise in her practice and work. Moving to the United States from Belarus at the age of nine, she had always had an interest in creating art, but only began to take it seriously in high school. Her style evolved from two-dimensional to three-dimensional after taking a sculpture class in university. Working with resin and a heat gun, Dunbar explains her process, “I often manipulate the surface of the painting. Tilting and bending it to guide the painting and shape the image. My relationship with the medium is very physical.” Playing with light and shadow, the depth and atmosphere of her resin, oil paint and pigment pieces have a very natural and often, botanical feel. “I am inspired by the interaction between color and the relationship between space and boundary. My interests lie in the dichotomy of an industrial material evolving past its commercial purposes to convey an organic ambiance.” Dunbar is collected and represented nationally and collaborated with brands internationally.

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