Patrick Adams | Featured Artist

March 5, 2024

Patrick Adams' paintings capture the essence of his subjects through an impressionistic and layered approach. His work is characterized by intricate textures and dynamic brushstrokes, creating depth and vibrancy in each piece. His paintings seek to call his audience to a place beyond one's normal experience of surroundings.

Patrick Adams was born into the rural farming community of Worthington, MN in 1965. It was on the tall-grass prairie with its vast horizon, dramatic light and thousands of natural lakes that Adams came to love the landscape that would become the dominant subject of his work.

patrick adams

"I have been painting images of the landscape for over twenty years now in an attempt to convey the experience of being in this vast, ever-changing space of light and form. However, I am not interested in simply producing a painting with a likeness to a particular place. What does interest me is expressing my existentially confirmed experience of a place; or, perhaps I should say, its essence. This is why I return to the same handful of places over and over again. These places are inexhaustible sources of inspiration because each experience of them is unique."

"In the process of creating a painting, there remains, despite the conscious exertion of my will, a thread of the mysterious and seemingly arbitrary. This admission implies there is something that emerges in the image beyond the interaction of intellect and material. It is this discovery, or recognition, of the unanticipated that drives my work and is, in fact, its very essence. This requires, however, that I believe that there is more to painting than the arrangement and manipulation of materials. The finished painting then becomes the manifestation, the incarnation, the evidence of my belief in the power and the inexorable mystery of images."

Patrick Adams

patrick adams