Margaret Evangeline | Featured Artist

April 16, 2024

Margaret Evangeline is a contemporary painter, sculptor, and installation artist who lives and works in New York City. Her paintings delve into innovative approaches to mark making and serve as a reflection on cultural. Evangeline has expanded her artistic repertoire to include a remarkable collection of shot metal sculptural works and large-scale installations. Beyond solo and group exhibitions at renowned institutions globally, public installations of Evangeline's artwork can be found worldwide. Explore paintings by Evangeline at Exhibit.

Today, the experience of growing up in the south has come to define her work as an artist. Working during the Persian Gulf War, Evangeline created a body of paintings that were intended as a response to the political turmoil internationally at hand, and the social issues particular to the environment of New Orleans. These works were the first in a long line of paintings and sculpture that Evangeline created to reflect on the cultural climate of our times.

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