Loretta Hirsch | Featured Artist

June 27, 2017

Image of Vol. 06.27.2017 | Feature Loretta Hirsch

"My work is continually shifting between a personal narrative and cultural mythology. Being aware of the female body as a social organism that has been manipulated & abused throughout history, I feel oppressed by all these ideologies which I've either internalized in my own psyche or am politically and socially confronted with every day. Through my work I am reclaiming the feminine body, trying to separate it from these social and political stereotypes. The body is both personal and universal and it is a battlefield for many conflicting agendas. Creating an identity is not an easy feat today. We are endlessly surrounded by opposing ideas. I grew up south of the Mason Dixon and strongly believe the southern culture is deeply rooted and inseparable from the burden of its history. Southern identity is something I cannot escape and is vital to my work and imagery."