Lisa Weiss | Featured Artist

May 25, 2021

Lisa Weiss’ work is about mark making, patterning, spontaneous movement, momentary awareness and paring down to essentials. She is continually looking for ways to detach from the past and future with a focus on the here and now. Weiss’ paintings are process driven by movement, repetition, materials and place. Her works are for beauty and contemplation.

“My work explores mark making, patterning, gesture, momentary awareness and paring down to essentials. The paintings are process driven, created through experimentation in correspondence with materials, place and time. Non objective forms that predate label, things imperfect and evolving are of interest. The work is inspired by architecture, primitive art, metaphysics and the practice of yoga. I am concerned for the state of the earth, the feminine wave and the reflective slow revolution of expanding consciousness.”

Image of Artist Spotlight XXII | Lisa Weiss

A professional artist from Tennessee, Lisa Weiss received her BFA in painting and sculpture from Middle Tennessee State University in 1990. She received a teaching assistantship at Louisiana State University in Painting and Drawing and completed her MFA in 1996.

Lisa has exhibited her work nationally in solo and group shows for the past fifteen years. She is included in numerous public and private collections throughout America, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and Holland. She has the honor of being in the Hunter Museum permanent collection.

In the last seven years, Lisa has attended four artist residencies: Dorland Colony in California, Millay Colony in New York, Wurlitzer Foundation in New Mexico and the Nantucket School of Art on Nantucket Island.

She has taught design, painting and drawing at the University of Southern Mississippi, Watkins College of Art and Film, Eastern New Mexico University and Winthrop University.

Lisa has recently earned initial certification for teaching yoga from Yandara Yoga Institute in Todos Santos, Mexico. She has traveled the United States, Mexico, and Europe. Lisa currently creates artwork in her studio in Franklin, Tennessee.

lisa weiss artwork