Featured Artist | Kim Amell

May 23, 2023

Banner Elk, NC is home to Kim Amell, a contemporary artist whose work showcases the captivating beauty and strength of nature. She finds inspiration in the ever-changing textures and moods that the natural world provides, and produces ethereal pieces that draw you in and evoke a sense of wonder and mystique.

kim amell in studio

Artist Statement

"I believe my paintings are a direct emotional response to what I see and experience in nature. My process starts with an image of a place I have visited or experienced while focusing on the feeling I want to create and convey in the piece. When I am totally involved in the process of creating it is easy to get lost in thought, which allows me to feel a connection with calmness and peace. This connection is what I strive to convey in my work. The process of working with encaustics is meditative, yet very physical. Blending and heating of beeswax, resin, shellac and oil paints to create textural surfaces with a waxy depth. Surfaces are heated with a blow torch to create my ethereal and atmospheric work."

Amell's work explores the allure of nature and the power and strength it holds in the world. She finds her art inspiration in the textures and ever-changing moods that nature offers. She is moved to create ethereal works that evoke a sense of mystic and wonder that you are drawn into. Working on mainly large scale wood panels, Amell captures her interpretation of a unique moment in time and hopes to connect the viewer and immerse them in a dynamic experience beyond the painting itself.

A key part in her process is to connect to a feeling or emotion when creating her paintings. This emotion is an integral part of her process. The physical movement of layering warm wax, heating it with a blow torch and scrapping the surface to reveal multiple surface layers is in many ways a meditative process for her.

Amell has received most of her training by experimenting and exploring with various art mediums all her life. Being curious about nature and being a constant observer of life continues to bring vision to her work