Julie Sneed | Featured Artist

March 12, 2024

Julie Sneed, a contemporary artist from a Kansas cattle ranch, focuses on patterns and textures in agricultural subjects. She aims to highlight the importance of agriculture in a modern aesthetic and encourage reflection on this vital industry and its traditions.

Her work has been featured in Saatchi Art magazine, and was selected by Saatchi Art as “Best of 2017” by Saatchi Art’s chief curator, Rebecca Wilson.

julie sneed paintings

Her focus on contemporary art showcases her life on a cattle ranch with figural paintings of livestock, accompanied by abstract depictions of other spaces. She utilizes gestural brushstrokes, texture and muted colors throughout her works

"I am the fourth generation of my family born and raised on a cattle operation in Kansas.

I love my family and history, inevitably, I could not help but love ranching. My work has a focus on pattern and texture with agricultural subjects. I aim to give agriculture a place in a modern and contemporary aesthetic.

Finding a way to expose an increasingly urban world to the importance of the agriculture industry is important, and I hope my work encourages reflection on a part of our collective history and the people who continue to honor those traditions."

julie sneed farm
julie sneed farm

She was born and raised on a cattle ranch in Kansas. Sneed received her B.S. from the A.Q. Miller School of Journalism at Kansas State University with a concentration in advertising and secondary concentrations in geography and studio art. She worked in advertising and journalism for several years before pursuing art full-time in 2015.