Jen Bradford | Featured Artist

September 28, 2021

jen Bradford art

Artist Jen Bradford, compelling works resonate with themes of isolation, connection, compulsiveness, and the desire for a clean slate. Raised in Maine, Jen draws continuous inspiration from her upbringing. Her paintings transform these preoccupations into visual structures, finding beauty amidst bewilderment and moments of clarity.

Her work has been exhibited at prestigious galleries including The Hay Gallery, Aucocisco Gallery, and June Fitzpatrick Gallery in Portland, as well as LoRiver Gallery, mART, Germaine Keller Gallery, Van Brunt Gallery, and Hudson Beach Glass in New York.

"Several themes recur as a private narrative while I work, but aren’t always explicit. They include ideas about isolation and connection, compulsiveness, the desire for a clean slate, and a sense of expectation or foreboding, among others. My impulse is to transform these preoccupations into a visual structure as a way of making sense of the world and finding beauty in it. Feeling mostly bewilderment with moments of clarity can be a drag, but in paintings I like it."

Image of Featured Artist | Jen Bradford