János Huszti | Featured Artist

January 25, 2022

János Huszti is a creator of the visual arts and conceptual thinker. Our work by Huszti places a large emphasis on figurative oil on linen and canvas paintings. His muted tones and mysterious portraitures create a desire to understand the subject and their background.

A challenging portraitist and emerging creator with a conceptual thinking. Huszti elaborates his constantly changing topics with momentum and precision. He depicts historical times, special characters and places from the past, using all kinds of materials to express his interpretations.

janos huszti art

Janos Huszti is an emerging painter based in Budapest, Hungary. Evocative of analog photography, his practice of oil on canvas blends figure study and portraiture with a distinctive cinematic gaze. Huszti’s inventive techniques of blurring wet paint across the canvas, and omission of key elements of the body inserts a mystifying distance between the subject and the viewer, abstracting in enigmatic fashion subtle narratives within the work. He is also interested in contemporary street art, so his images feel current with origins rooted in the past. Huszti received his diploma in painting from the University of Pécs in Hungary. He also studied conceptual art for one term at the University of Herfordshire, Hatfield, England. He has been working in a professional studio at PP Center in Budapast for more than four years.

Inspired by 1950s photographs, Janos Huszti masterfully paints his original versions of these gauzy portraits and misty figures. With exceptional technical skill, he blurs his pieces creating a feeling of recollection and memory and the careful planning of a desaturated color scheme denotes his expert eye. The ethereal feeling of Huszti's work is inspired by the past but with a contemporary edge.

In 2005, Huszti completed his BFA at the University of Pecs in Hungary and has since exhibited his work throughout Europe. He has sold work to collectors from all over the world, including the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, and UAE.

Jennifer Welch Designs featuring work by János Huszti

Jennifer Welch Designs featuring work by János Huszti

Artwork coordination with S. Harris “Revival” photo shoot featuring work by János Huszti.

S. Harris “Revival” photo shoot featuring work by János Huszti