Gigi Mills| Featured Artist

April 23, 2020


Gigi Mills work is born out of her need and desire to simplify and/or reduce each moment to its absolute essential, by removing details from life that tend to obscure what is truly being experienced. It is also her desire to bare witness to, and often to lift up in beauty what is so often considered unwanted or held in despair. Ms. Mills was born in Ohio into the well known Mills Brothers Circus family.


Image of Artist Spotlight | Gigi Mills + Objects

Mills has a distinctive way of deconstructing everyday scenes and then reconstructing them with layers of rich oils to create ethereal and timeless images that are both personal and profound. Her art seems to be inspired by the profound effects of nature and evokes thoughts of endurance and resurgence, while also emphasizing the significance of the ordinary.

Image of Artist Spotlight | Gigi Mills + Objects