Kathleen Hope | Featured Artist

May 28, 2024

Introducing Kathleen Hope, a mixed media artist based in Arizona. Her artistic journey is defined by an exploration of mixed media, with a particular emphasis on the dynamic interplay of materials, notably cement.

She seamlessly integrates elements of texture and form to construct dimensional and immersive visual narratives. By harnessing the inherent versatility of mixed media, her work evokes a organic, raw, and industrial aesthetic.


Hope draws from her background in Interior Design and Color Psychology to inform her work. Her goal is to create artwork that feels as comfortable as a "lived-in" home. Hope's work is a culmination of what inspires and intrigues her.

Hope has developed various cement mixes, each with its unique purpose. By blending an array of materials such as dried pigment, paper, plaster, and marble dust, she creates a textural, layered effect. For color, she uses stains, inks, acid, pigment, and acrylic. Hope's work celebrates the beauty found in the unintentional.

"My first love of art was ceramics. Though I never envisioned myself as a potter and chose to be a painter, concrete has always intrigued me. With characteristics similar to fired clay, I use it in a painterly way. Preparing my own mixes, I combine cement with plaster and dried pigments giving my completed works a sculptural dimension. The porous surface also allows me to create unusual markings."

- Kathleen Hope