Courtney J.Garrett | Featured Artist

November 21, 2023

Courtney J. Garrett is a talented artist who has mastered the art of creating minimal yet sophisticated paintings that capture inspiring images of storms, rural landscapes, and architectural sketches. Her paintings are a unique blend of oil paintings and mixed media works that add depth and texture to her art.

“I have stopped believing in photo-realism as a means to satisfy the viewer—-but it is in true abstraction that captures the very changing photographic nature of everything.”

Courtney J. Garrett was born and raised in rural Alabama. Her mother was a southern tole painter and her father, a draftsman. She received an undergraduate degree from Auburn University and currently resides with her husband and children in Nashville, TN.

courtney garret art
Courtney J. Garrett

“You never forget where you came from, even if you don’t stay there. Our stories have to propel us forward. It’s the only thing we can do—just keep moving forward”.

- Courtney J. Garrett

Garrett is collected around the world in both private and corporate collections. Notably, her work was chosen by the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund to create the Foundation’s first historically documented international series, translating the life and work of activist Dian Fossey using a mixed-media process. Her international influence continued beyond 2010 with an opening at the Artist Project NYC, where her work earned multiple shows in Taipei and Greece. In 2011, she opened at The Heritage Museum in Tarpon Springs, Florida representing American Art in a Greek-American exhibition.