The Diverse Artistry of Four Exhibit Female Artists

July 7, 2024

Explore artwork By Four Female Contemporary Artists

Kim Fonder, Deborah T Colter, Loretta Hirsch and Lisa Weiss

Female artists are leaving an indelible mark with their unique perspectives and innovative techniques. Exhibit Art Gallery artists, Lisa Weiss, Deborah T. Colter, Loretta Hirsch, and Kim Fonder, each use their own individual sensibilities to create through their art practice using mixed media.

about the artists

Lisa Weiss captivates with her meditative works on paper, skillfully blending collage and mark making to evoke introspection and tranquility. Her pieces invite viewers to immerse themselves in layers of texture and symbolism, creating a deeply personal experience. Deborah T. Colter takes mixed media to new heights with her dynamic use of collage, color palette layering, and expressive mark making. Her artworks exude a harmonious blend of tones and textures, offering a visual journey that intrigues and inspires.Loretta Hirsch boldly explores themes of self-exploration and womanhood through illustration and painting. Her art delves into the complexities of identity and empowerment, resonating with authenticity and emotional depth.Kim Fonder brings her own unique flair to mixed media, seamlessly fusing diverse materials and techniques to craft compositions that challenge perceptions and ignite imagination.These talented artists illustrate the possibilities of mixed media artistry, pushing boundaries and reshaping narratives through their brushstrokes and collage Their art not only enriches our visual landscape but also provokes thought and dialogue, inviting viewers embrace the richness of diversity and creativity in contemporary art.