Featured Artist | Jessica Feldheim

April 11, 2023

Jessica Feldheim's passion for visual arts and dedication to education has led her to create inspiring works that are both beautiful and meaningful. Her latest works, "Contemporary Illuminations," draw inspiration from her study of the Kabbalah, a discipline that emphasizes bringing light into the world.

Through the use of her breath, light, and intention, Jessica creates pieces that not only keep the spirit alive but also bring it into the world. One of the most striking aspects of her work is the use of gilding with pure gold and silver leaf, which transforms her simple brush and ink drawings into pieces of "spiritual calligraphy."

Her studio, located in an old factory building in Western Massachusetts, provides the perfect space for her to continue her creative journey. With her talent and dedication, it's no wonder that Jessica Feldheim's work has made a lasting impact on the art world.

Jessica Feldheim was raised in New York, and studied Visual Arts for a Masters in Fine Arts from Syracuse University. The first part of her career was spent educating others.

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