Selecting Artwork for Your Space

October 30, 2016

Image of Selecting Artwork for Your Space

When picking art for any room consider the benefits of selecting larger work. Sometimes people tend to choose wall art that is smaller than they need for the room. Take into account the amount of furniture that you have in a room, if it is sparse, then a large piece of artwork will fill up the visual field as furniture might. Think about your ceilings are they high, voluminous, vaulted ceilings allowing for a grand painting, or low -where a shorter canvas height with landscape orientation might work best? Just remember - to be on the safe side, think big. This is especially true if buying modern, contemporary art, bigger is definitely better to maximize the statement.

Next, the wall space is an imporatant factor in choosing the right piece. In order to get the best result, you need to think about two things when considering your walls. First, there is the overall dimensions of the wall, but then you also need to think about the orientation. Tall, narrow walls will work best with art of a similar shape, created in a portrait, or vertical orientation, while horizontal wall spaces (often found over sofas, in a hallway) work best with landscape-oriented artwork. In looking at the overall wall space dimensions your artwork should take up two-thirds to three-fourths of the wall.

There are more factors to choosing the best art for your wall including the proper height, the color, and the individual piece or pieces and what mood you want to convey. We can help you select artwork that will transform your space.