Vol. 05.23.2017 | Feature Fabio Modica

May 23, 2017

Image of Vol. 05.23.2017 | Feature Fabio Modica


Fabio Modica blends abstraction and representation with a dramatic, vivid color palette capturing the eye of the viewer. He made a departure from realism in his early years as an artist and developed a “semi-abstracted” style utilizing sheer lines and colors. Modica seeks to shape an enigmatic mood or piece of memory through his close portraits and landscapes.

Fabio Modica was born in Catania in 1978. Being an apprentice to the well-known Italian painters Alberto Abbate and Antonio Sciacca, he was soon inspired by the classical Renaissance, occasionally drawing on the Greek and Latin mythology. In his early years as a painter, human figures wrapped up in a Caravaggesque light were his major subject matter and oil paint his favourite medium. His versatile spirit led him to incorporate many different styles and mediums within his later works, including watercolours, acrylics and chalks. In 2002, Modica made the acquaintance of Antonio Santacroce, a distinguished expressionist Italian painter. This encounter marked a departure from the representational style towards a semi-abstracted way, in which a long-lasting feel for realism is overwhelmed by a strong drive for sheer lines and colors, without completely dying out. His 2007 trip to Mexico marked a further development in this direction, as it triggered a variety of sketches of Mexican villagers’ everyday life which he made on jute in a slightly abstracted manner.

Fabio Modica is currently teaching painting and interior design at the Nike Academy of Fine Art and Restoration in Catania. His artwork has been included in many solo and group exhibitions throughout Europe, especially in England, Spain, France and Italy. Up to 2011 he cooperated with two noteworthy Modern and Contemporary Art Galleries in London, East End “Brick Lane Gallery” and Covent Garden “Opus Gallery”. In Italy he is currently working with “Il Borgo” Gallery in Milan and "Spazio d’Arte l’Altrove" in Ferrara. The Catanian Galleries named “SpazioVitalein” and “Ideattiva” have recently begun promoting him, the latter being especially active in the field of recycling. In Nice Fabio Modica’s paintings are permanently displayed at the magnificent “Villa Magdalena” Art Gallery, alongside Salvatore Fiume’s works.