Vol. 04.02.2019 János Huszti

April 1, 2019

Image of Vol. 04.02.2019 János Huszti


Janos Huszti is an emerging painter based in Budapest, Hungary. Evocative of analog photography, his practice of oil on canvas blends figure study and portraiture with a distinctive cinematic gaze. Huszti’s inventive techniques of blurring wet paint across the canvas, and omission of key elements of the body inserts a mystifying distance between the subject and the viewer, abstracting in enigmatic fashion subtle narratives within the work. He is also interested in contemporary street art, so his images feel current with origins rooted in the past. Huszti received his diploma in painting from the University of Pécs in Hungary. He also studied conceptual art for one term at the University of Herfordshire, Hatfield, England. He has been working in a professional studio at PP Center in Budapast for more than four years.