VOL. 01.09.2018 | CATY SMITH

January 9, 2018

Image of VOL. 01.09.2018 | CATY SMITH


Inspired by people and places, Caty Smith travels to gather experiences and create conversations. She seeks to learn something on every journey. Her work attempts to visually portray this original perspective and new, insightful observations to the viewer.

Due to a strong fascination with the immediacy and transience of instant photography, Caty Smith has collected Polaroid cameras and film since she was a child. She began experimenting with tactile forms of photography through high school and university. Despite her background in more pure and disciplined practice of photojournalism, her appreciation of and exploration with photographic alternative processes has never wavered.

Smith’s assemblages, while natural and representational, are global in perspective. Her collection of mixed media work is from a recent trip to Iceland which created a paradigm shift, deepening her awareness of nature’s perfect alignment. Previously shooting for structured assignments with the likes of National Geographic, this body of work is Smith’s venture into impassioned observation and approach.