Kristen Abbott

Nothing is wasted (in nature or in love)

Kristen Abbott's "Nothing Is Wasted (In Nature Or In Love)," a unique artwork featuring cyanotype on silk and paper. This artwork measures 32 inches in width, 42 inches in height, and has a depth of 2 inches.

• cyanotype on silk and paper
32.00w x 42.00h x 2.00d in
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A framed Kristen Abbott artwork hangs on a white wall. The abstract design features shades of blue and white, with some areas resembling plant leaves and organic shapes. The overall style is reminiscent of a cyanotype print.
Nothing is wasted (in nature or in love) by Kristen Abbott
A blue-toned abstract image resembling Kristen Abbott's cyanotype artwork features various white botanical shapes such as leaves, stems, and ferns dispersed throughout. The intricate design gives the impression of underwater plant life in a fluid, flowing composition where nothing is wasted.
A person with long blonde hair, wearing a gray sweater, is looking at a large abstract blue and white painting on a wall. The painting has a textural, almost marbled effect. Created by Kristen Abbott, this unique artwork and the minimalist setting with white walls create an intriguing visual experience.