Straw Wall Hanging

Pastoral poetry, woven for your walls.

From the patient hands of Asian artisans comes our Straw Wall Hanging, a testament to the quiet beauty of the earth's simplest offerings.

This generous tapestry of texture, spanning 27 inches wide and reaching 33 inches high, transforms the humble straw into a masterpiece of understated elegance. Its natural hues and intricate weave speak of sun-drenched fields and age-old techniques, bringing a breath of pastoral serenity to your urban sanctuary.

Imagine it gracing your kitchen, becoming a visual ode to the bounty of the land. The calm use of color makes this a real style element and easy to combine in any interior.

An accessible piece of functional art that whispers rather than shouts, complementing any style from minimalist to bohemian with equal grace.

27.00w x 33.00h x 1.00d in
$230.00 $125.00
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Straw Wall Hanging by Accessories
Straw Wall Hanging by Objects
Straw Wall Hanging by Objects
Straw Wall Hanging by Objects